What is Advanced Web Authoring?

To me, all coding is advanced. Considering where I am with coding at the moment, anything that I can do, even the easy stuff, is still advanced. My coding capabilities have yet to become second nature. It will take a while before I feel as though the “basics” are just basics and that I am on a higher level than beginners. However, I am confident that this class will help me get to that point. From an objective viewpoint, an advanced web author is someone that is able to create websites that look professional without requiring TOO much assistance.

Advanced web authors know how to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript (at least). They most likely also know how to use C++, as this is a form that is used very commonly in business (I think). Advanced web authors also probably know how to think objectively and problem-solve. They have a level head and are disciplined and focused enough to spend hours trying to fix one issue. They know how to think in a way that connects all of the smaller pieces of a problem to make sense of the larger product as a whole.

Professional writers spend a lot of time figuring out how to engage and influence an audience. Although web authoring does not fit into the typical description of “writing”, web authors still need to know how to catch the attention of an audience; They need to make a complete product that will appeal with the widest audience possible. Although web authors utilize coding more than writing, they utilize their strengths in the same way that traditional professional writers do.

I hope that this class will teach me how to utilize my strengths as a professional writer to become a great web author as well. There is a lot to learn, but I am excited to see how much I learn from this class.

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