If This, Then That

For my “If This, Then That” module, I decided to do something I had been meaning to do for a while… create a professional Twitter account! I think that it is important to have social media pages created specifically for professional use, where other professionals can see my thoughts on recent innovations in my field.

I chose to connect my IFTTT module to a professional Twitter instead of a personal one because I only wanted certain tweets to be shown on my portfolio site. Though I could have done this through hashtags, I also thought it would be better to have a professional Twitter anyways, so that is why I went with this option.

Once I made my professional Twitter, I used the If This, Then That website to connect this Twitter to my blog. Now, whenever I post a tweet from this Twitter account, it will also show up as a blog post on my portfolio.

Hopefully, this will inspire others to begin following my social media accounts once they visit my webpage. I tried it out, and tweeted a post that said, “Welcome to my portfolio!” As you can see, the most recent post before this is that tweet being transferred to my portfolio! Success!

View applet here.

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