Unit 1 Reflection

Module one contained some exercises that will be necessary to my success in my WRA 410 class. I did not do any coding over break, so I needed a bit of a refresher before jumping into anything new. Before class began I tried to jog my memory of HTML and CSS with re-completing a few lessons on Codecademy, but nothing works as well as actually creating web pages. Fortunately, everything came back to me quicker than was expected.

Of course, I am no expert in coding and there are many elements in my portfolio that need quite a bit of work. However, I am particularly proud of my Module 4 (two column) layout. This is the first web page that I was able to code that I felt looked slightly professional. In addition, it took me all semester to be able to create webpages similar to this last semester in 210, but this module took me two hours on a Saturday morning! I am proud of my progress already, and know that if I continue to practice I will get even better.

I am proud of Module 4, but I think that my index, in particular, needs a lot of work. I tried to do some new work with buttons (I have never used buttons before), so I was having some trouble making the entire background of the button one solid color. In addition, I generally have trouble understanding padding, margins, the difference between them, and how to utilize these elements when designing pages. I will be doing research on these elements, as well as asking questions in class, and when I figure out the difference, I will be playing around with the buttons on my web page (and how to center them).

I am enjoying this class so far, and I am looking forward to continued learning experiences and successes in the future.

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