WTF Project: Account of Learning Phase/Reflective Piece

Before I began installing my plugin, I did a little bit more research about what exactly SEO is. I learned that SEO is a way to improve one’s website so that when a subject is entered into a search engine, their portfolio has the best chance of being one of the first options that appears. I am aware that my WRA 410 Portfolio may never be #1 on Google, but the skills that I acquire from implementing SEO into this portfolio will help me in the future when trying to optimize a company’s website.


I read two articles on the subject: What is Search Engine Optimization and The Ultimate List of Reasons Why You Need SEO. Both articles shared the same type of information (though one was far lengthier than the other): SEO will help people find your site, is cost effective, will make your website more profitable (if you’re a business), and, overall, is never a bad idea.


In order to implement my SEO plugin, I first found the “SEO” plugin by Yoast. I downloaded and then activated the plugin. As soon as I had the program activated, it immediately began fixing my site. Right away, I received a notification that the tagline of my website had not been changed from the original WordPress template tagline, so I was advised to edit it. I did so immediately.

After my tagline was fixed, I had to give the program a bit of information about myself and my site. I had to disclose whether I was a business or an individual as well as add my social media links and choose a display for my website’s title when it was seen on social media.

The program wanted me to connect it to my gmail account. When I attempted to activate this feature, it did not work, so I continued on without it. I was worried that this connection issue would impact the effectiveness of my plugin, but this seems to not be the case.


Once the plugin was installed, the real work began. I chose to test my new technology on my reflection on the Module 4 Resizing App…. There were a lot of problems. The SEO is divided into two sections: SEO and Readability. I have found that the Readability tab attempts to improve my writing style and the ease with which my audience will be able to consume my information. The SEO tab helps me improve my site’s findability by utilizing key words, headings, and titles. I had received reds in almost every category.

Each element has a circle by it. If the circle is red, the requirement has not been met. If the circle is yellow, the requirement is halfway met. If the circle is green, the program is satisfied with your attempt to meet the requirement. These criteria range from the number of words in your sentence to the length of the metadescription that appears beneath your website title in a search engine. I slowly went through and made every change (except for one) on my site. Everything was easy to improve, but the issues in question were ones that I would have never even considered changing. It was strange having a computer point out to me the science behind my sentences.

After quite some time and revision, I finally received greens in both SEO and Readability. I hope that my blogs status has improved in relation to other blogs/portfolios on the world wide web. The fixes that my writing required were not time consuming, but it is evident that they were incredible important to the success of my site.

All in all, I reached my original goals of the WTF project quite well. I learned more about SEO, installed a plugin that implements SEO, and utilized my new technology into my portfolio.

It is my sincere opinion that everyone in WRA 410 should download this plugin because, as the articles above mention, it can only help your site improve. This project has taught me that SEO is incredibly important to the popularity of a website on any search engine, and it is necessary that any website trying to receive a lot of traffic should implement this technology. I am grateful that I have learned more about SEO and I am looking forward to implementing my knowledge on the subject in future scenarios.


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